(ICBDCI 2018)

 16-17 Feb, 2018, Goa, India

Organized by

Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering & Information Technology, Goa.

 Under the Auspices

General Chairs

Prof. Dr. Xin-She Yang (DPhil, Oxon)

School of Science and Technology, Middlesex University London


Prof.(Dr.) Yaochu Jin

Professor of Computational Intelligence, Department of Computing, University of Surrey, United Kingdom


Prof. Arun Kumar Somani

Distinguished Professor of Elect. & Comp. Eng. Associate Dean for Research, Iowa State University USA




Recent developments in processing, storing, and sharing huge amount of data become problem due to the lack of new approaches, techniques, methods, algorithms and technologies. Researchers try to find proper solutions based on their experiences and make contributions to current data mining and classification knowledge. This approach actually causes new set of problems due to the missing theoretical notions, lack of necessary disciplines and insufficient awareness on data security, information retrieval, social networking within behavioral and social and ethical issues. This Conference seeks solutions on interdisciplinary gaps between data and intelligent approaches.The AI & ML fields are interdisciplinary, including computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience. There is no software or hardware available to solve problems like human's do. Researchers only make assumptions to replicate biological architectures. So, the brain is capable of change and recognizes experiences. Every day, there are more than 7 billion people works for processing limitless number of data like a single computer through sophisticated cloud networks. Each brain has own big data warehouse and biological CPU.Nowadays, researchers use interdisciplinary way to understand knowledge among all types of resource including data, document, tool, device, experience, process and people. This approach may help to understand biological evolution to propose robust and powerful approaches between human nature and big data processing.


International Conference on Big Data & Computational Intelligence(ICBDCI'18) is aiming to be a flagship in this Data driven Intelligent Era of Technology. It provides a premier forum that brings together researchers, industry practitioners, as well as potential users of data science and big data analytics. It covers all data science and analytics related areas, including statistical, probabilistic and mathematical methods, machine learning, data and business analytics, data mining and knowledge discovery, infrastructure, storage, retrieval and search, privacy and security, and relevant applications, practices, tools and evaluation.

ICBDCI'18 will consist of two main Track: Big Data; this Track is aimed at collecting contributions related to theoretical and Practical aspects with applications of Big Data. The Computational Intelligence Track is aimed at collecting contributions related to Computational Intelligence and its applications in real life scenarios. ICBDCI'18 is also featured by a panel session where we invite internationally well recognized researchers to discuss challenges and important selected topics. Another highlight is the keynote talks. We inherit the good practice of the invited industrial talk session in which the selected high profile sponsors can give talks without papers. We also plan to give them enough space to set up booths to disseminate their activities. Further, we seek for a possibility of co-locating with our domestic academic activities to attract domestic students for them to give opportunities to visit the sponsors’ booths, which gives another incentive to sponsors.